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Best Batsman in the World 2020

Well, cricket is known as the most popular sport in the world where the context between the bat and the ball will never fail to amaze us. This game is taken into a new level which is more intense than before. Some batsmen will entertain us with their amazing strokes and score runs. Few batsmen will make runs with patience and grit, however, some will try to destroy bowling attacks with an onslaught. At the end of the match, what counts is how many runs are score no matter how they come. Below is the best batsman in the world 2020.

Steve Smith

They're two big mountains to climb': Steve Smith on wanting to win Ashes in England and series in India before retiring

Initially, Steve Smith started his career as a leg spinner and known as the next Shane Warne. However, he slowly started dominant the bowlers with his unusual technique and become the best test player of the current era. His average 61.37 is second-best among players who have scored 2000 plus runs behind Don Bradman. However, even he started showing his class in ODI and T20 Internationals which makes him one of the top players in the current generation.

Kane Williamson

Williamson is usually at his best when it comes to Tests. In ODIs, he scores at a good strike rate and can accelerate as and when the situation him to. However, many people had doubted his T20 skills, however, he proved them all wrong in the IPL when he led SRH to the finals at the biggest domestic T20 tournament.  He scores his runs at a strike rate of more than 140 and that shows what impact he had in the tournament. He can truly succeed as a batsman anywhere in the world.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli's CK Nayudu XI beat KL Rahul's Ranjitsinhji XI by 5 wickets in warm-up tie before Australia ODI series | Cricket News – India TV

Virat Kohli is known as the best batsman in the world 2020 in all three formats and he is second in tests. He became the second-fastest to 24 centuries by achieving the fantastic feat in 123 innings next to Sir Don Bradman.  He scores his runs in tests at a strike rate of almost 60 and his average is 54.66 Tests and 58.21 in ODIs. So, he is known for rotating the strike rate more than any player and one of the fittest players in the current Indian team.

Joe Root

The skipper of the England Test Team is a threat to any team and on any given condition. Root is an amazing player of Spin and an even better player of the swinging ball. He is an ideal batsman for ODI and Test format where he processes the talent to play according to the situation.

The above-mentioned players are the batsman who has dominated the cricket game in the current era and played many match innings knock for their country. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best batsman in the world 2020. Thanks for reading!

Well, in the history of cricket there have been individuals who have been only known for their batting or bowling skills but people have never recognized as good fielders for their excellent efforts.  This kind of player will down as the most valuable fielder for their team when they retire in the future. So, from their fielding, they have saved a lot many runs for the team and also boost the bowler’s confidence for picking up the wickets when it comes to the best fielder in the world. Below are the top fielders in the world.

Suresh Raina

I've Always Been A Massive Fan Of Suresh Raina, For Forever - Jonty Rhodes - Sacnilk

The left-hand batsman is known for making spectacular catches in the ground and his fielding is as good as his inside-out shots. Raina is one of the first sets of Indian players who have given 100% effort in the field. So, Dhoni took full advantage of his field that helped him to give pressure to the opponent batsman in an easy manner.  Also, he was consistent in his fielding placements where batsmen had to think twice for taking an extra run.

Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard was one of the best fielders who can run quickly and throw the ball in the perfect way. He has taken some exceptional catches on the boundary line and will look possible only for the player because of his height benefits.  Even he has the ability for running faster and can save important runs for the team.

Ravindra Jadeja

World Cup 2019: Time to break 'Kulcha' to accommodate Ravindra Jadeja

Every team needs one player like Jadeja for stopping runs with his great athletics. His dynamic speed to cover the ground followed by the bullet arm throw is threatening as well as delightful to watch. Ravindra Jadeja is an asset to the team who can constantly save runs in every match and known as the best fielder in the world.

Jonty Rhodes

Rhodes was the cricketer who made people recognize fielding as an art and he was the greatest artist in this game. In the field, his acrobatic movement was something and real entertainment for the spectators where he could serve his team through his diving power, catching power, and above all throwing capabilities which run-outs many great batsmen and for sure he could save runs for his team.

AB De Villiers

Ab De Villiers is a top-class player who has shown a lot of consistency despite aging up. His flexibility in the field will help in catching the ball more efficiently without compromising on injuries. Even he has some flexibility and techniques for his batting which helps in timing the ball more efficiently.

The above-mentioned players are known for their fielding efforts and make them great assets to the team and also known as the best fielder in the world. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top fielders in the world.Thanks for reading!

The live-streaming video provides a specific way for individuals and brands to engage as well as connect. There has never been a good opportunity to use live-streaming, with that many of us remote workers. A variety of platforms exist, from straightforward streams to social networking sites with advanced feature films.

Here is a list of try living video tools. There are companies to produce and telecast solo or inter video from social networking sites and also stay living platforms. All of these tools possess features for your audience to interact with. Many provide choices to monetize content. The majority of both tools are free or relatively cheap.

Below we have mentioned some of the Best live stream app. I am sure by the end of this blog you will have an idea about it.

Some of the Best live stream app

Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows you to stream using the Facebook app on your website, party, profile, or case. In Live Creator, plan a live stream up to one week in advance when you’re using a wired camera and encoder. A post containing your live stream is automatically released at the designated time of your live broadcast, and followers receive a reminder. If you use Live Producer, use third-party channels such as Be. Live and Stage Nine to add guests for your show.

stream now

Another interesting live streaming software for the operating systems of both iOS and Android. When using a premium business model, it helps you to monetize your live broadcasting. Users have to pay a monthly, annual or per-session fee after signing up with the program. For eg, your users will pay per session basis if your live streaming session is on hr management.

StreamNow provides a commenting system, identical to Periscope, that will improve your social interaction a lot more. On the other hand, this increases conversion rates as it is important to keep fans aware of any potential live video streaming activities.

The above-mentioned blog is all about the Best live stream app. If you have liked our blog then make sure you have a comment down below and do share on all your social media platform and thank you so much for reading.

Cricket on a worldwide scale is a remarkably major sport. In countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Australia, it’s particularly common. Since the sport started in the United Kingdom, it is a little shocking. In any case, for cricket fans and particularly those who would like to keep track of matches from around the world, there have been plenty of applications out there. It seems, however, that most people want a successful score app. Here is the top score app.


Cricbuzz emerges as second most downloaded news app in world

Cricbuzz is one of Android’s most famous cricket scoring applications. The app provides a regular host of options, including instant score and commentary alerts, forthcoming match schedules, news or editorials, stats and rankings, and help for both the IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast, and other major cricket tournaments. The software is enjoyed by some users, while others worry a lot about bugs. It is impossible to recommend to everyone due to its polarising aspect, but it has just as much knowledge as you would hope to find in a cricket app.


CricHeroes, for amateurs, is a cricket scoring tool. It’s so amazing that it’s the only amateur scoring app mostly on list that we’ve chosen. When need be, you can keep track of employee teams, games, as well as an entire season. The score controls were easy enough to use easily to catch pace with actual gameplay, then after games, you can review the numbers.


CricHeroes, for amateurs, is a cricket scoring tool. It’s so amazing that it’s the only amateur performance app mostly on the list that we’ve chosen. When need be, you can keep up with technology trends teams, games, as well as an entire season. The score controls were easy enough to use easily to catch pace with the gaming experience, then after games, you can review the numbers.

The above mentioned blog is all about top score app. If you have liked our blog then make sure you have a comment down below and do share in all your social media platform and thank you so much for reading.

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