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Best Cricket Games for PC

alt="Best Cricket Games for PC"

Change of technology at the drop of a hat. Have you ever wondered what are the best cricket games in 2020 for your personal computer? Before 2014, we had only two notable cricket games in the market, namely, CRICKET 07 and ASHES CRICKET 2009. But with new technology it has revolutionized and made a mark in the gaming arena with some quality games. Talking to new game as well as online, as well as offline, you get high graphics, amazing quality that brings the game to real life, emerging in the market with the best all-time cricket game Has happened. In this article we are going to cover the best cricket games for pc.

alt="Best Cricket Games for PC"

Cricket 19

Cricket 19 by Big Ant Studio is a great platform to experience cricket from your PC. The game was launched in 2019 with England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) as partners. When you enter to play the game, you can grow as a player and leader. You can build your team from scratch, starting with player selection, logo sponsors, uniform design, and more. You can own your team. Participate in national level tournaments, ODIs, test matches, and more. It is one of the best IPL cricket games for PC 2020. You can practice with your teammates, and if you play well, you can be the next captain to lead the country in an international tournament. You can consider buying Cricket 19 for PC.

alt="Best Cricket Games for PC"

Ashes Cricket 17

Ashes cricket, which is the license for cricket’s officially biggest rivalry between England and Australia with real player identity. The game was developed and published by Big Ant Studios. It was officially released in November 2017 and was available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The batting and bowling control is completely in your hands and most of the fielding is self-automatic. The game also comes with traditional cricket controls. You only need to move the analogy stick and push button to play different shots like aggressive, attacking, efficiency and precision. The company has done a great job in designing the facial look as well as the physical features of English and Australian players.

alt="Best Cricket Games for PC"

Big Bash Boom

Unlike other best cricket games on PC, Big Bash Boom is designed with a unique arcade-style. The biggest attractive feature of the Big Bash Boom is that the game is packed with Bobble-led players, so you’ll have a chance to experience something similar with the stadium, team, squad and players as you did in the BBL and WBLL Must have seen 2018/19. Additionally, special effects such as vivid trails also become a selling point for the game. This minimalistic style of sports does a good job of calling your love for cricket. You can find the Big Bash Boom in almost all devices from Microsoft Windows, Steam PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

alt="Best Cricket Games for PC"

Cricket captain 2019

Due to the ever-increasing craze of cricket, Cricket Captain 2019 is the right partner to fill your thirst. Some new and great features have been added to it. The batting aggression, which adds charm to the game, re-balances the match engine of a day, and the left-arm wrist spin bowler keeps everyone fun to the next level. This is not the end; it also added a fully featured 7,000 players including historical and all-time lovable players. The latest changes made by respected officials have been added. It has paid more attention to details, becoming a trademark of the game making it close to our hearts to play and enjoy every moment.

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