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Best t20 Batsman

alt="Best t20 Batsman"

Many T20 cricket is being played around the world. Many players represent different teams in different tournaments around the world and also play T20 international matches for their countries. Here in this article we are going to cover the best t20 Batsman.


alt="Best t20 Batsman"

Virat Kohli

Kohli is the only batsman to average more than 40 (with a minimum of 5,000 T20 runs) in T20 cricket. Certainly, the average in T20 may not be as important, but when you pair this with a strike rate of 134.56, Kohli is definitely one of the best T20 players in the history of the game. More, it is not just Kohli’s overall stats that are impressive. He has won the Player of the Tournament on two occasions in the World T20, averaging over 50 in T20Is and holds the record for the most runs scored in an IPL season (973). Furthermore, while his record in knockout of over 50 tournaments is made, his knockout record in the World T20 is unbelievable: 72 (44), 77 (58) and 89 * (47).


alt="Best t20 Batsman"

Chris Gayle

If any bowler tells you that Chris Gayle is facing incredible anxiety to bowl, then you definitely have the right to call him a liar. Gayle is physically imposing and most bowlers from 22 yards are forgiven for going with a damage control mindset rather than a wicket. In his 50 matches, he has scored 1,519 runs at an average of 35.32. Gayle is moving at a brisk pace and his strike rate shows that – 145.49 is one of the major strike rates in world cricket. It is no surprise that Gayle has hit the most sixes in T20 history, his record of 98 being 7 better than retired McCallum. When Chris Gayle swings that big bat, he doesn’t have to come in the middle to cover the distance, when he does, it goes beyond any cricketer to hit the ball.


alt="Best t20 Batsman"

Ms Dhoni

Indian captain MS Dhoni has a strike-speed of 136.59 per 100 balls in all types of T20 cricket. As anyone in this arrangement of the game, Dhoni would normally put himself down in the batting order; Consequently, at most events, he does not get as many numbers of statements to see as the rest. In any case, the wicket-keeper-batsman’s ability to voluntarily hit sixes and finish the game on his behalf is notable, and he caters for a longer batting request with a higher strike-rate than others. In the final performances, their performance is often more often than not.


alt="Best t20 Batsman"

David Warner

The Australian opening batsman is considered the most destructive batsman in T20 cricket. He has a strike rate of 141.18, and the his innovative Strokeplay makes him an ideal candidate at the top of the order. Another batsman with the ability to hit sixes, his most memorable T20 knock came in the 2011 Champions League, where he scored back-to-back centuries for New South Wales and helped him reach the semi-finals of that tournament.

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