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Best trekking spots in India

India is one of the most beautiful counties in the world with some amazing landscapes and of course places where you can taste some adventure. When we plan out for some adventure, we select the best location where we can create the best memories. Indians have come across some of the best trekking experiences so far and have been setting milestones in the field of various adventure sports like rock climbing, mountaineering, and river rafting and so on.

The trekking locations in India have pristine beauty in them and it becomes a lifetime experience when you choose these spots for your adventure expedition.

Climbing high mountains seems to be very tough when you are on the base level but when you reach the top, it’s an achievement. This South Asian country is home to various deserts, rivers, waterfalls, forests, tablelands and some jaw dropping trekking spots.

There are many challenging treks in India and some of the best locations are –

Chadar trek

It is located near the Zanskar River which also reminds you of the old culture of the ladakh region. Situated in leh ladakh, it stands on a maximum altitude of 3390m. If you plan for a trek at Chadar, the maximum duration of trek would be 9 days. The best season you can choose Chadar is January and February.

Gangotri Gomukh trek

It is situated in the Garhwal hills of Uttarkhand. It’s on an altitude of 4463m. The duration for the Gangotri Gomukh trek is 12 days. You can plan for this trek around May and also mid-October.

Ladakh Markha valley

It is located in ladakh. There are variety of terrains here like dry mountains, streams, villages, fields of wheat, barley and mustard. It follows the old Tibetan culture. The best time when you can plan for a Ladakh trek is from mid-June to mid-October.

Nanda Devi

This trekking spot is located on the Garhwal Himalayas, it stands on an altitude of 4150m. It is moderately remote and is famous for its green lush park known as Nanda Devi Park. The maximum days you will be trekking here is for 10 days. Nanda Devi trek is best during May- June or September –October.

Stok Kangri trek, Ladakh

This spot has an elevation of 6153 meters and is one of the highest trekking summits which has dry terrain and frozen glaciers. This trek experience can be challenging as well as dangerous. You can spend here trekking for 3 to 6 days and it requires to be extremely fit.

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