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Best War Games for Android

alt="Best War Games for Android"

War is not a game, but war games have been popular on PCs and consoles for quite a long time. Call of Duty is a popular example. However, with the rise of Android, people are also playing a lot of games on their smartphones. Call of Duty is, therefore, available in Android as well as many other war games. So, in this article we are going to cover the best war games for android.

alt="Best War Games for Android"

Frontline force warfare

It is an open-world fast-paced FPS. Survival is necessary, but you also solve puzzles to save victims and only kill enemies. Improve your skills and uncover secrets for the perfect murder. Survive to save and kill the survivors and, ultimately, save the world. Engage in fast-paced story missions. Games where you establish your own rules. Skill-based controls and gameplay with full customization for low-end phones as well.

alt="Best War Games for Android"

Frontline Commando D-Day

The sequel to Frontline Commando has a WWII setting. Combine it with concealer-like graphics and sleek touchscreen controls, and you get a great war-themed third person shooter for your mobile device. The developers did a major job of capturing the WWII period. In-game weapons are modelled after their real-life counterparts, and locations like Utah and Omaha Beach are carbon copies of real-World War II locations. There are over 100 missions in the game, and each mission will give you plenty of opportunities to get a headshot. Butter-smooth touchscreen controls make for a highly satisfying gameplay. Many are among those hiding behind cover moments. You will need to shoot at the right time to dodge enemies and avoid killing enemies. And that’s not all – you’ll need to move to the next cover, which can be made possible with a quick tap. Some missions make things extremely difficult. Beware of those deadly mines.

alt="Best War Games for Android"

Gun War Shooting Games

If you want to try an offline war game, then I would suggest you to give Gun War: Shooting Games a try. When it is about offline war games, user reviews will recommend you to try this game. You can play this game by understanding some easy strategies. In addition, it contains awesome graphics and visual effects. If you are interested, you can take a look at its features.

alt="Best War Games for Android"

Brothers in Arms 3

The original Brother in Arms was one of the best Gameloft games. The third iteration is, as you guessed, an action-packed war game, but is mostly described as an arcade shooter. The mobile version cannot actually be compared to the PC counterpart. But it is an enjoyable first-person shooter for your Android. There is not much story in it, but if you enjoy some mindless shooting action, the third game in the instalment is still decent. Most importantly, it is an action-packed shooter that comes to 62 MB as of the latest version so far. The missions are linear, but they have some variations to ensure that players do not get bored. Therefore, it is suitable for most Android smartphones, not just flagships.

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