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Free Cricket Games

alt="Free Cricket Games"

People, whatever their background or geographical area, are united when it comes to cricket. This is the better part of this game. Not only India, other parts of the world also like cricket. In fact, it is the second most liked game in the universe. For those who do not have time to pad-up in the field, smartphones have become an escape window through mobile cricket games and the best cricket game for Android is no rare. Here in this article, we are going to cover the best free cricket games.

alt="Free Cricket Games"

World Cricket Championship 2

The World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most popular and beautifully designed games that you can find on the Play Store. The game incorporates many features including versatile shot selection including less traditional ones such as helicopter shots, upper-cuts, paddle sweeps and more. The game also offers 14 different bowling actions, which greatly control your delivery. One great thing about the game is that it brings all the advanced features found in modern cricket, including a review system based on Ultra-Edge, Hawk-Eye, Hot-Spot and more. Finally, the game selects 24 national teams, 10 home teams and 32 different stadiums. You will enjoy playing cricket here. Just note that the game is a bit heavy on resources and graphics, so you’ll need a good phone to enjoy the game in its glory.

alt="Free Cricket Games"

Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 A notable update to Real Cricket. It retains all the features that the earlier version preferred to customize and choose your teams where you want to bowl. It includes a set of features such as test cricket, time progress in stadiums, decision review system with snikos and hotspots, auctions and post-match presentations. Now players play the same shot in different ways making it feel more real. Each batsman is divided into one of four categories: defensive, balanced, hardline and animal. If you are looking for the most comprehensive gaming experience then this game is right for you.

alt="Free Cricket Games"

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 is an abbreviated form of cricket and has become really popular after the IPL and similar T20 cricket leagues. If you really enjoy T20 cricket, then this cricket game for Android is for you. The game comes with 3D graphics which gives you a good cricket experience. It includes realistic animations and ball physics. The game has easy controls for both batting and bowling.

alt="Free Cricket Games"

Big Bash Cricket

If you are a fan of T20 cricket then you are going to like this game. Big Bash Cricket is based on the Big Bash League in Australia which is similar to the IPL in India. You start the game by selecting your favourite club and then progress through the league to win the title. The best thing about this game is that since it is an official game, the team roster is always up-to-date, allowing you to use your favourite players.

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