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Free Online Games for Kids- no Download

You just cannot deny with the fact that typing has become a very essential and basic life skill that every person needs to learn of. The time has gone of domain secretaries, and typing has become the first skill to learn to get our hands as it enables us to use PC, and we all know that in today’s how much important it is to learn the use of PC.

So, here to make it easier for your child we are getting you with a list of some online games for kid free for use and are quite interactive. And surely will help your child to learn typing.

Dance Mat Typing

A very focused typing resource present for all the novice typists named as Dance Mat Typing. This “learn to type” tool is developed by BBC and is a fully packed tool with colorful animations and entertaining tasks to get you best in the typing skill.


For your kids, it is the very necessary to start from the basics and for that they should learn that where the keys are that is there placement on the keyboard. And Typetastic is one out of those free online games for kids- no download for everyone developed by Type Master that gets the player started with a keyboard building exercise that will help your child get to know that which key is present where on the keyboard.

Free Typing Game

Just what its name suggests, it is a game that is free for use to get your kid get known with the typing skill. Mainly it is divided into three sections: Games, Lessons and Tests. All these lessons are engaging and informative. The games are designed in such a way that all the learners can practice whatever they learnt. And st last test helps them to understand what areas need more focus to get with.

Turtle Diary

Designed making it suitable for all the age group from pre-school and all above, it is a range of games which has several different themes and options for gameplay. It is completely on your choice that what skill level you want to learn on and can even choose the target area you want to focus on. A full learning experience is provided through them by providing lessons as well as games to get your younger typist into practice.

So, these are some of the free online games for kids- no download for use, that are meant for young typer get into practice and get them profound into this skill of typing that has become and essential thing to lean. In case you feel that you have some doubts or suggestion for us then feel free to contact us.

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