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Top Cricketer Salary List

While Cricket isn’t India’s national game, it’s obviously common than Hockey, India’s national game. The explanation why cricket was first recognized is that it’s both an enjoyable game and a simple way to understand what drew more people and that India has more fitness centres around the country relative to other sports that people want to play professionally. The official teams cricketers not only love the game but make a great deal of money as well.

To see an Indian cricketer on the list of the highest-earners of the year in our country at least, is not a new thing. Cricketering is not just cricketers, but is now popular like any other cricketing nations.

When the famous Indian Premier League started to be incredibly rich in cash back in 2008, the rates for auctioning players were a few eyebrows. But in the current 12 years, cricket earnings and their IPL payments have only risen, with fewer eyebrows. Besides cricket, much of its revenue comes from company promotions and activities. Many brands face the young, talented and mostly famous Indian cricketers. There is no limitation on types, between engine oil brands such as Gulf India and medical ointment Vicks Vaporub.

Here’s a list of famous Indian cricketer and Cricketer Salary 

Originally Sachin Tendulkar gained great fame for cricket. Tendulkar was in the world of cricket for decades and was recently retired, but still known as the God of Cricket Indians. He is also the top scoring scorer in cricket history.


Annual Income: Rs. 1,79,24,32,496

Virat Kohli is one of the greatest cricketers in all the world as the new captain of the National Indian Cricket Team. Considered as a man with his thoughts, in a short time a lot has been done. He is also well known to girls for his charming looks and still was in the headlines for his on-the-field aggression. He was once married to Anushka Sharma. And he is also one of the wealthiest in sport.


Annual Income: Rs. 23,75,00,000

Yuvraj Singh, the former Indian team cricketer, captured the limelight in 2007 with six single shots. He is an all-rounder, who has never tried to mislead his co-workers and Cricket’s fans by playing excellently.


Annual Income: Rs. 50,00,00,000

The pride of Punjab is named Harbhajan Singh, also known as the Bhaji Pa. Bhaji is an allrounder and has played in all the cricket formats as an Indian International player. He’s known more for his incredible methods for spin bowling and is now considered a spin bowling expert. He is the second cricketer to take the highest wicket in the test matches.

The above-mentioned cricketers always ruled the cricket field as well the hearts of cricket fans. Hope you enjoyed reading about the famous Indian Cricketers and Cricketer Salary India. Stay connected to us to know more. Thank you for reading.



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